Build Your Own Mimo

1. One, Two, Three or More?

Let us know how many little ones you have in store.

One bundle of joy

Two little ones

Triplets or more?

I already have a Mimo and I'm just here for more kimonos

2. How old is your little one?

Mimo comes in different sizes. We’d love to help you find the best sizes for your little one.

I'm expecting

0 – 3 months

3 – 6 months

6 – 12 months

3. How many kimonos do you need?

Blowouts, food fights, and growth spurts are bound to happen. We'll help you identify the right number of kimonos for your needs.

3 Kimonos

I do laundry all the time, thanks blowouts. I only need a few kimonos.

5 Kimonos

Somewhere in between always doing laundry and having enough kimonos to last months.

7 Kimonos

I try to do laundry as little as possible. The more kimonos the merrier.

4. Review and checkout.

Item Price Quantity Total
Turtle & Lilypad      
with 3 included kimonos (0–3 months) $ 199.99 1 $ 199.99
Kimono 2-pack (0–3 months) $ 29.99 1 $ 29.99
    Subtotal $ 229.98
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